Terms and conditions


www.iziwik.com is an online community platform dedicated to seasonal rental. Users are able to view available ads and offers of holiday rentals and the site also allows house or apartment owners to publish online announcements to rent their property for vacations.

The platform is run by Iziwik Villas, limited liability company, whose headquarters are: 29 rue Marcel Dassault 92100 Boulogne Billancourt, (noted upon registration at the Registry of Trade and Companies at Nanterre under the number 753 593 318 R.C.S.) (below Iziwik Villas). These general Terms and Conditions (below Terms) govern all the different uses of the platform accessible at URL www.iziwik.com

All agreements are between Iziwik Villas and the user, below named as “part”.

Important: Any use of the site www.iziwik-villas.fr inevitably implies the unreserved acceptance by the user of these Terms of use.


ADVERTISER: means any person owning real estate and who is entitled to place ads on the platform for carrying seasonal rental of their properties, in accordance with the legislation in force

TRAVELLER: indicates every web surfer registered on the platform who would like to rent properties published online by the advertiser.

ADVERT:  indicates all the information given by the advertiser as part of an uploaded seasonal rental announcement about their property. It includes photos, descriptions of the property, the price, the reference and the title of the description.

HOUSING: indicates the property which is uploaded as seasonal rental under the Terms of the site by an advertiser, with the intent of it being published for rental on the platform.

MEMBERSHIP: indicates the adult user who has joined the platform.

PLATFORM:indicates the web site reachable at the address www.iziwik-villas.fr and which constitutes all of the websites hosted and offered by Iziwik Villas for access by internet users and contains services below:

  • Putting travellers and announcers into contact with each other.
  • Make a rating system available which allows members to publish commentaries recounting their experiences, payments, etc.

USER: indicates every person who accesses and navigates the website, including travellers and advertisers.

ADVERTISER ACCOUNT: indicates the interface in which all data given by the advertiser is contained. This data contains information linking to the property, the previous ads and their monitoring.


These Terms are intended to fix the contractual provisions relating to the rights and obligations of the Parties navigating the PLATFORM. As such, it is stated that IZIWIK VILLAS is not involved in anything in the transaction between TRAVELLERS and ADVERTISERS.


Iziwik Villas compares the traveller and the announcer through the platform, but does not at anytime act on behalf of them for requests.

As such, Iziwik Villas doesn’t act under their name or account, and so is not concerned by the contract concluded online by the users.

As such, Iziwik Villas does not intervene in any complaint, dispute or claim linked to the execution or the interpretation of said contracts, unless the contractual or legal obligations to IZIWIK VILLAS are implicated.

Article 4 - Condition of registration

The access to the PLATFFORM is open to all USERS as well as being able to consult announements and calendars (timetable) of availability of the property of the announcement.

However, the other features of the PLATFORM require PLATFORM membership. As an example, only MEMBERS have access to the following features:

- The ability to post ANNOUNCEMENTS

- The ability to get in touch with a selected ANNOUNCER

As such, only the major and capable or minor physical persons proving an authorization of his(her) legal representatives or every legal entity acting through a natural person having the legal capacity to contract in the name and for the legal entity can join to become member. (This doesn’t make sense to me at all! Sorry)

THE USER makes a commitment not to create or to use any secondary accounts on the Site, whether it is under their own identity or that of a third (third party).

THE USER makes a commitment not to create an account for a third (third party) and to always use his real identity.

IZIWIK VILLAS sends the MEMBER(LIMB) an e-mail containing the necessary information so that he may make his first connection to the PLATFORM (identifier and password). From this information, the MEMBER(LIMB) can reach their "personal space".

The identifier and the password attributed to the MEMBER are strictly personal. As such any activity on the account, or activity attributed to a “personal space” is presumed to be the expressive actions of the MEMBER.

In case of loss or theft of identifiers, the MEMBER must inform IZIWIK VILLAS as soon as possible by emailing adresse   contact@iziwik.com and mentioning "LOSS OF IDENTIFIERS" in the subject line or by registered mail at the following address: 29 rue Marcel Dassault 92100 BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT.

THE MEMBER(LIMB) accepts all responsibility for the actions made on the Site under their identifier.

THE MEMBER(LIMB) thus has to ensure the confidentiality of the aforementioned Identifier.

THE MEMBER(LIMB) agrees to modify their Identifiers if requested by IZIWIK VILLAS should the latter consider that the confidentiality or the security of the Identifier is no longer guaranteed. THE USER has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data which concerns him. In case of connection by means of plug-in interfaces, such as the “Connect via Facebook” option offered on the Site, the USER authorizes IZIWIK VILLAS to use the data related to the user’s Facebook account, and his Facebook identifiers would subsequently allow him to connect automatically in the future. The data acquired from Facebook will be passed to IZIWIK VILLAS, allowing the USER to join without needing to fill in or submit a new on-line registration form. The personal data necessary for IZIWIK VILLAS is collected directly from the USER’s Facebook acount, with the authorization of the latter.

THE USER has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data which concerns him, and should be aware that the Site complies with the statement (declaration) to the CNIL(NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND CIVIL LIBERTIES) under the number of receipt n°1769252 v 0 and it is true according to the law " Computing and liberties " N 78-17 of January 6th, 1978.

Article 5 – OBLIGATIONS 

      5.1 – User obligations

Within the framework of the use of the PLATFORM, every USER makes a commitment not to breach any TERMS and to conform to the current laws and regulations, to respect rights of the third parties and capacities of the present GTU.

Every User has an obligation to:

- Behave in a lawful way towards IZIWIK VILLAS and thirds(third parties)

- Be honest and sincere in the information supplied to IZIWIK VILLAS

- Use the PLATFORM according to the end(purpose) described in the present GTU

- Do not divert or otherwise hijack the end purpose of the PLATFORM to commit crimes (murders), offences or fines and infractions not permitted by the Penal Code or any other law.

- Do not try to direct Internet users towards another site or rival service(department)

- Do not try to operate outside of articles 323-1 and or avoid following the Penal code to the systems of treatments(processings) automated by data implemented(operated) for the alignment(on-line publishing) of the PLATFORM

- Do not insert hypertext links sending USERS to a commercial web site.

      5.2 – Iziwik Villas obligations

IZIWIK VILLAS makes a commitment to always operate to ensure a continuity of access and use of the PLATFORM, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

As regards ANNOUNCEMENTS alignments (on-line publishing) by the ANNOUNCERS, exchanges between USERSand use of the personal space, USERs are reminded that IZIWIK VILLAS is a host as outlined in article 6 I 2 of the law of June 21st, 2004. As such, IZIWIK VILLAS makes a commitment to quickly remove any obviously illicit content as soon as they are made aware of it.

Every USER can notify to IZIWIK VILLAS to the presence of obviously illicit content on the PLATFORM. This notification can be made by sending an email to contact@iziwik.com and mentioning in the subject of the e-mail " NOTIFICATION ILLICIT CONTENTS " or registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt for the attention of the SERVICE(DEPARTMENT) OF THE ILLICIT NOTIFICATIONS, 29 rue Marcel Dassault 92100 BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT.

In both cases, the notification, to be valid, has to make reference to the elements prescribed under the article 6 I 5) of the law of June 21st, 2004:

- The date of the notification

- If it is an identifiable person/USER: his name, first names, profession, place of residence, nationality, date and place of birth

- If the applicant is a legal entity/company: their name, its head office and the organisation which represents them legally

- The name and the place of residence of the addressee or, if it is about a legal entity, his name and its head office

- The description of the litigious facts and their precise localization

- The motives for which the contents must be removed, understanding(including) the mention(distinction) of legal requirements and justifications of facts

- The copy of the correspondence sent to the author or to the publisher(editor) of the information or the litigious activities asking for their interruption, their retreat(withdrawal) or their modification, or the justification of the fact that the author or the publisher(editor) was not able to be contacted.


Every ANNOUNCEMENT has to concern a single PROPERTY. As such the ANNOUNCER makes a commitment to:

- Create a new ANNOUNCEMENT for every PROPERTY

- Not to modify an existing ANNOUNCEMENT to substitute it for or add to it another PROPERTY than the PROPERTY initially described in the ANNOUNCEMENT.

THE ANNOUNCER declares to be an owner of the PROPERTY or to have the necessary mandates(money orders) to rent the PROPERTY. As such, the ANNOUNCER makes a commitment not to put a rented PROPERTY on the Site if he is not entitled to do so.

ANNOUNCEMENTS being strictly intended for the private individuals, the ANNOUNCER makes the following commitments:

- Do not be real estate agent.

- Do not act for a real estate agent.

ANNOUNCEMENTS must be drafted in clear language. As such abbreviations are forbidden. IZIWIK VILLAS reserves the right to modify the contents of an ANNOUNCEMENT which would not be clear for an uninitiated average Internet user of announcements.

THE ANNOUNCER is completely responsible for the contents of the ANNOUNCEMENT and makes a commitment to make an objective, faithful and complete description of the PROPERTY (it is for example essential to indicate if there are noise pollutions such as an airport nearby) without using superlative degrees such as " magnificent ", " unique " or " rare ".

THE ANNOUNCER accepts that this ANNOUNCEMENT is used freely and free of charge by IZIWIK VILLAS to promote its activity.

THE ANNOUNCER makes a commitment not to try to direct the Internet users towards another site or rival department. As such the ANNOUNCEMENT must be exempt from any dismissal in an e-mail address or a web site, except prior written consent of IZIWIK VILLAS.

THE ANNOUNCER makes a commitment not to communicate his telephone number in his ANNOUNCEMENT.

His address and phone number will be communicated to the TRAVELER once the reservation is confirmed.

It is the responsibility of the ANNOUNCER to verify the contents of its announcement from its alignment(on-line publishing) and to inform IZIWIK VILLAS in case of error. To do this, he will send an email in contact@iziwik.com by specifying in the subject line " ERROR ANNOUNCEMENT " .IZIWIK VILLAS reserves the right to delete(eliminate) or to refuse to publish an ANNOUNCEMENT which does not correspond to the spirit of the PLATFORM or which would be against the present GTU.

Finally, the ANNOUNCER recognizes that it is for IZIWIK VILLAS to choose the order of publication as well as the modalities(methods) of distribution(broadcasting) of ANNOUNCEMENTS on the PLATFORM.

In certain cases Google does not always recognize the addresses of certain PROPERTIES. IZIWIK VILLAS and the ANNOUNCER cannot be held responsible in case of the accommodation(PROPERTY) being mislocated on Google Maps or any similar such service. THE ANNOUNCER is however responsible for the positioning of his ACCOMMODATION(PROPERTY) in the available map in his ANNOUNCEMENT.

Article 7 – THE PAYMENT

      7.1 - General points

The total price to be paid on the Site IZIWIK VILLAS included the price of the rent and the expenses of IZIWIK VILLAS and if necessary additional costs (household, additional traveler will be paid to the ANNOUNCER

The TRAVELLER has to verify in the announcement any possible additional amounts due and the deposit which may be requested by the ANNOUNCER.

All the expenses and the deposits must be indicated in the ANNOUNCEMENT. These amounts correspond to current prices during the conclusion of the contract. Any later modification will not be taken into account if a TRAVELLER has already confirmed his reservation.

When the TRAVELLER makes a demand(request) of on-line reservation, the ANNOUNCER has a deadline of 24 hours (12 pm) to accept or refuse the reservation via his ACCOUNT ANNOUNCER.

The acceptance or the refusal of this demand(request) of reservation will be notified to the TRAVELLER via the Site and via the sending of an e-mail in the e-mail address indicated in its account.

An e-mail of validation will be sent to the TRAVELLER on the e-mail address indicated in its account with a link URL allowing them to settle the total price (including deposit) of the rent. In the validation of the reservation by the ANNOUNCER, the TRAVELLER will have a extension of 24 hours to make the payment.

The TRAVELLER will have to settle the total price of rent indicated on the announcement via the module of secure payment of Paypal in the conditions of the article 7.3. No other method of payment is authorized. The possible additional costs indicated on the announcement are directly negotiated between MEMBERS.

If the ANNOUNCER does not confirm the reservation within 24 hours, the demand of reservation is considered as cancelled.

If the TRAVELLER does not settle the total price within 24 hours after their request has been accepted by the ANNOUNCER, the commitments between both members are considered as cancelled. The TRAVELLER will, where necessary, send new requests of reservation.

For reasons of security and to minimize fraud, the ANNOUNCER will only receive the rent 48 hours after the arrival of the TRAVELLER.

      7.2 - foreign currencies

IZIWIK VILLAS allows the USER to consult the price of ANNOUNCEMENTS in a number of currencies. Posted currency: indicates the currency in which the USERS consult the price of ANNOUNCEMENTS on the Site.

The TRAVELLERS can choose and modify the currency posted to consult the price rate of an ANNOUNCEMENT in a number of accepted currencies, for information purposes only.

Reservation currency : indicates the currency in which a TRAVELLER has to pay his reservation. The Currency of Reservation used on the Site is the EURO.

Converse about Payment: indicates the currency into which the sums due to an ANNOUNCER will be paid to him. The Currency of Payment used on the Site is the EURO.

Basic exchange rate: indicates a rate used by IZIWIK VILLAS for the exchange of current foreign currencies as the aforementioned conversion is made. This rate excludes any expenses or margins of IZIWIK VILLAS. IZIWIK VILLAS establishes the Basic exchange rate by using data of one or several thirds.

The exchange rate will be the current rate on the same day as the payment of rent - 48 hours after the arrival of the TRAVELER in the aforementioned property. IZIWIK VILLAS is not responsible for the exchange rate and the expenses possibly charged to the ANNOUNCER or TRAVELLER by his bank.

      7.3 - secured payments

IZIWIK VILLAS suggests use of the system of secure payment known as PAYPAL

The cost of the credit card payment is completely chargeable to THE USER.

The proposed method of payment is the secure payment SSL.

This protocol of payment is standard and recognized all over the world for the protection of data passed on(transmitted) on the Internet.

Paypal is available on almost all of the browsers (Internet Explorer V3.02 and upwards from Microsoft, Navigator V1.1 and upwards Netscape, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

The data which you will supply on your card (number, dates the end of validity, etc.) are coded before the sending of your post office to the server of payment e-transactions.


IZIWIK VILLAS takes no commission side ANNOUNCER and takes a commission between 4 and 12% side TRAVELLER for the getting in touch and the management fees on the total price of the reservation (except insurances).


At the time of publication of the ADVERT, the cancellation policies are automatically flexible.

ADVERTISER may, however, change its cancellation policy in the "Prices and conditions" of the AD

There are two types of cancellation conditions:

- Flexible: Cancellation up to 30 days before departure. If cancelled from D-30 until 1 day prior to arrival, non refundable.                        

 (excluding commissions IZIWIK VILLAS non-refundable).

- Strict: 30% cancellation fee up to 30 days before departure. If cancelled from D-30 until 1 day prior to arrival, non refundable.               

(excluding commissions IZIWIK VILLAS non-refundable)

Any costs of households will be reimbursed for any rental not started.

If necessary, it is for the traveller to make a complaint directly to the ADVERTISER and secondly, to inform IZIWIK VILLAS. To do so, send an email to contact@iziwik.com specifying in the subject line "CANCEL RESERVATION".

A cancellation is only confirmed by return email to IZIWIK VILLAS.

Article 10 - INSURANCE

IZIWIK VILLAS recommends to the traveller to subscribe to an insurance with the following guarantees:

- Cancellation of stay: refund of deposit in case of cancellation for event sudden, outside, unpredictable, justified and independent from your will, and preventing you from returning you on the place of the stay.

- Interruption of stay: Reimbursement of unused land-based services in the event of medical evacuation or early return

- Resort Liability up to €1 525 000 (material and physical damages) and up to €2 500 in case of little movables property belonging to the owners.

- the insurance "no surprise" : you are covered in case of non-complinace of rented property and for financial loss resulting from dishonest or fraudulent action


The PROPERTY is only evaluated by users who have actually stayed there.

As such, the OWNER cannot oppose the publication of an evaluation of each PROPERTY, unless the assessment is manifestly unlawful content, as described in Article 5.2 of the Terms.

If PROPERTY receives too many negative comments, IZIWIK VILLAS may, at its discretion, remove the AD and the comments thereto.

IZIWIK VILLAS has provided tools for the USER to share the ADS with contacts across different networking sites, blogs and social networks published by third parties.

However, IZIWIK VILLAS only allows the USER to use this type of communication and sharing for purposes of promotion, excluding any commercial use or unrelated projects promoting IZIWIK VILLAS.


IZIWIK VILLAS denies all liability

- If unable to temporarily access the PLATFORM operations for technical maintenance or updating of the information published

- In case of virus attacks

- In case of incomplete or incorrect information to a USER

- In case of misuse or illegal use of the PLATFORM.

USER is then only responsible for damage to third parties and the consequences of actions or claims that may arise.

PLATFORM has links to partner sites such as Facebook.

IZIWIK VILLAS is not responsible for the content of these partner sites.

IZIWIK VILLAS reserves the right to deny USERS permission to publish hyperlinks on his personal page or on the blog when these are links to web sites whose content violates the provisions of Article 5.1 of these Terms.

The use of hypertext links and / or hyperlinks is authorized by IZIWIK VILLAS only to promote the brand and site. Canvassing detrimental to the integrity of IZIWIK VILLAS is prohibited.

In this perspective, IZIWIK VILLAS expressly prohibits any USER to use techniques called "framing", "inline linking" and "deep-linking" on the servile unauthorized reproduction of the contents of the Site and its integration on web pages published by third parties.

Moreover, except in the case where the company was informed of the existence of clearly illegal content in the manner described under Article 5.2 of these Terms and did not act promptly to remove, IZIWIK VILLAS cannot be liable for the content posted by the MEMBER.

Indeed, users are reminded that IZIWIK VILLAS is a service provider who exercises no control over the legality or safety of ADS.


IZIWIK VILLAS is responsible for processing the data collected on the PLATFORM. This data is processed to ensure the proper functioning of the PLATFORM but also to meet the demands of ADVANCED USERS. This use of personal data has been declared to CNIL under registration number receipt No. 1769252 v 0 and, according to the "Information and Freedoms" law n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978.

Data may be collected via the navigation on the PLATFORM (eg IP address) or via collection forms present on the PLATFORM. These data are essential for the processing of USERS applications. The recipients of these data services IZIWIK VILLAS concerned and the host of the PLATFORM. However, it is clear that the email address TRAVELLERS wishing to be put in touch with ADVERTISERS may be shared with these ADVERTISERS to meet demand TRAVELLERS. (Do not understand sorry)

In addition, during visits to the PLATFORM, a cookie may be automatically installed on the navigation software of the User. The cookie is used to collect information relating to the navigation of the USER on the PLATFORM. Upon first connection, the browser should make the User aware of cookies and offer the User the right to refuse such cookies. However, some features of the PLATFORM will no longer be used if the USER refuses installation. For more information about cookies and their use: http://www.cnil.fr

Each USER has the right to question, correct or delete their data (including data from cookies) or opposition to legitimate the use of their data patterns. All these rights can be exercised to the email address contact@iziwik.com, stating in the subject line "shapeless AND FREEDOMS" and enclosing a copy of his identity document.


The ADVERTISER may illustrate his AD by adding photographs of his PROPERTY and himself to his profile, which increases the rate of consultation of the AD.

To do this, the ADVERTISER must upload photographs to the PLATFORM by connecting to his private space.

Otherwise, he may ask IZIWIK VILLAS to do so by sending photographs by email to contact@iziwik.com mentioning in the subject "PHOTO SERVICE"

In all cases, the quality, size and arrangement of the photograph will be published according to the quality of the photograph sent / uploaded by ADVERTISER.

ADVERTISER allows IZIWIK VILLAS rework photography to meet the graphic of the PLATFORM. ADVERTISER warrants that he published the photographs (himself or through IZIWIK VILLAS) on PLATFORM:

- Focus on the PROPERTY without editing to mislead TRAVELLER or USER

- Does not violate the privacy of a third party, do not represent people who have not given their written consent to be included on the PLATFORM consent.

- Are photographs for which he OWNS and holds all intellectual property or for which he has obtained written permission from the author to use on the PLATFORM.

As such, ADVERTISER is solely responsible for the posting of these photographs and guarantees IZIWIK VILLAS against any third party action against these photographs.

In addition, ADVERTISER warrants that do not use these photographs on other websites leasing of real estate. Otherwise, IZIWIK VILLAS will remove the photograph and ask ADVERTISER to provide another.

Finally, in publishing these photographs, IZIWIK VILLAS ADVERTISER grants the right to use these photographs to promote the PLATFORM and activity IZIWIK VILLAS.


IZIWIK VILLAS may be required to remove the ADVERTISER ACCOUNT in the following five cases:

- At the request of the ADVERTISER

- After two consecutive years without connection to ADVERTISER ACCOUNT

- Following a breach of these Terms

- Following a complaint from one or more TRAVELLERS quality of PROPERTY

- Pursuant to a decision of an administrative authority, arbitration or judicial

once ADVERTISER account deleted, no information will be kept, except legal obligations IZIWIK VILLAS


According to the law of 17 March 2014 the right of withdrawal does not exist:

- Contracts for the provision of services if performance has begun, with the consumer's agreement, before the end of the withdrawal period (Article L. 121-20-2, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code)

- Benefits of accommodation, transport, catering or leisure services provided on a date or at specified intervals (train ticket, entertainment, travel packages, hotel accommodation ...)

The USER cannot claim any reimbursement of services from IZIWIK VILLAS.


In the event of notification in the terms set out in Article 5.2 or violation of these Terms, IZIWIK VILLAS reserves the right to proceed with action against the concerned MEMBER:

- Suspend the account of MEMBER from the time the proceedings are initiated

- Delete the account of the MEMBER after the procedure

MEMBERS subject of sanctions, particularly limiting use of or suspension PLATFORM undertake not to re-open the ACCOUNT PLATFORM.


With the exception of content uploaded by users, brands, logos, slogans, graphics, photographs, animations, video and text content on the PLATFORM are the exclusive intellectual property of IZIWIK VILLAS and may not be reproduced, used or represented without the express prior authorization of IZIWIK VILLAS, under penalty of law.

It is reported that the IZIWIK VILLAS logo was created by Mr. PRZEMYSLAW ANDRZEJ BAGIN

Total or partial reproduction of the PLATFORM and its contents, by any means whatsoever, without the prior express consent of IZIWIK VILLAS is prohibited and will constitute an infringement punishable by articles L. 335-2 and following and articles L.713-1 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property.

The practice of deep linking to a page on the PLATFORM is prohibited without prior agreement and written IZIWIK VILLAS.

IZIWIK VILLAS expressly prohibits:

extraction, by permanent or temporary transfer of all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the contents of a database to another medium by any means or in any form whatsoever, reuse, by available to the public all or a quantitatively substantial part of the contents of the database in whatever form.


These Conditions shall be construed in accordance with French law.


The user is free to send any ideas or suggestions for improving the PLATFORM to:


29 rue Marcel Dassault



By email at contact@iziwik.com, stating in the subject line “Suggestion Box”

CAUTION: These suggestions are welcome but are not solicited by IZIWIK VILLAS. As such the USER is aware and agrees that:

- IZIWIK VILLAS is not required to take into account these ideas or suggestions

- IZIWIK VILLAS is not required to implement these ideas or suggestions

- IZIWIK VILLAS may disclose and use these ideas and suggestions to promote its business, without confidentiality obligations.

It is recognized by the PARTIES that ideas are free range. Thus, by sending their ideas and suggestions, the USER IZIWIK VILLAS gives the right to operate freely and without these ideas and suggestions for the promotion of its business, in any form and media whatsoever, for the duration of the VILLAS IZIWIK activity and for the whole world.


IZIWIK VILLAS reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time and particularly at the launch of the final version of the PLATFORM.

The changes will take effect 3 months after publication.

USERS will be informed of changes to Terms by checking the date of last update of Terms


The fact that the Party did not require the application of any provision of these Terms, whether permanently or temporarily, shall under no circumstances be regarded as a waiver of such provision.

These Terms do not grant any warranty or exclusivity in the provision of services to USERS

If any provision of these Terms were to be invalid under a law or regulation in force and / or a court decision the force of res judicata, it shall be deemed not to exist but will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions which shall remain in full force.

The parties in this case are close to agreeing a new provision to replace the null and void rules, given that the new provision should respect as much as possible the spirit and the economic impact on the parties of the replaced provision.


Updated on March 13rd, 2015